Tips for Your Beach Vacation

Resorts where poolside lounging is in focus, less is really more. Basic mixing of patterns brings in pops of color for that cohesive, mix and match look! Essentials for the beach/resort wear for your vacation are cool and versatile items such as:

  • Maxi Dresses
  • Cover ups
  • Skirts
  • Sun Dresses
  • Rompers/Jumpsuits

Pairing a gold sandal or jewelry can dress up something that you've been wearing all day on the beach and can make it possible to wear it straight to dinner that evening. Rompers/jumpsuits are a fabulous piece for vacations because they're dressy enough for dinner but you have the comfort of shorts/pants throughout the day! It's also easy to throw on a jacket or sweater over them. Layering is everything because come evening, it will cool off and the weather becomes milder. Bring a scarf or pashmina for a shoulder wrap and light sweaters for chilly mornings and evenings on the beach. Also use your scarf as you board your plane, with all the hacking and sneezing you want to cover your mouth so you're not breathing in those germs. No sense in a vacation if you get sick!  Get a pedi before you go with a great color that transitions from winter to that warmer climate you're heading to. You'll appreciate having cute toes when you're wearing all those sandals! 


Click the photos bellow to scroll through some vacation insparation! 

Blanket Scarves - How on earth do you tie these things?

I'm guessing at some point in your life I'm guessing you've thought this same question. When I first got one as they were becoming more popular my first thought was "This thing is HUGE. What am I supposed to do with all this??". We all struggle with it! Pinterest and YouTube have a way of making everything seem easier than it actually is. You can try and try, but it never turns out the same as the picture. And that's ok! Scarves are great because there are really no rules, you can wear it however you want! And if you have to modify it a little because you just can't get it, that's ok too. I can almost guarantee you that someone will still look at it and think "Wow I wish I could get mine tied as good as that". What a comical thought, right? You're walking around totally unsatisfied with your latest attempt at scarf greatness and someone else want's theirs just like it. We are our own worst critics. :) However, it is always nice to have a starting point and a little understanding of what you work with. I'm going to give you a few tips and pointers that I have discovered to help get you started with your fabulous new blanket scarf. Once you understand them a little and have some ideas of what do with all the material, they're amazing!

Blanket scarves are normally a square, but sometimes they come in more a rectangle shape. I recommend the square, it's just a little easier to work with for some of these styles. Now the first thing you can do with these is just wear it draped around your neck. Why yes, it is just that easy! The are so cute just hanging there because of the fun colors and patterns they come in. Not to mention that because they have so much material they add a lot to something that is plain, like a vest or a poncho.

The next thing you can do with them is fold them into a triangle and tie them around your neck with the point setting close to your belly button. Sometimes if the scarf is extra big you have to bring the ends back around again and tie it in the front, just tie it underneath the other material and hide that knot. This way is often refereed to as the "western" style.

Now we are going to move into more of the "shawl" category, but that is what's so great about these! They're big enough to convert them into something other than a scarf. Let's start with the diagonal shawl. Go ahead and tie you scarf in that western style we just talked about but leave it nice and long (meaning don't bring it back around to the front if you normally would to shorten it when you tie it, we need that length!). Now turn the scarf so that the point of the scarf is on your arm and pull the material down around you. This takes some playing around with but hopefully you can get the idea from the picture bellow!

The 4th way is cape style, you can do this by simply laying it across your shoulders (just like a blanket!) and if you want to you can put a belt around it if you want. Sometimes this helps hold down the material and it gives it adds a cute little touch to your outfit. The belted style is not pictured bellow, but I personally love to wear it that way all the time so give it a try. :)

I hope these little tips helped you out a little bit and gave you a good foundation for venturing into new territory with your blanket scarf!